Acoustic Velocity with Temperature and AppleScript

NOTE: visit for the current code version. UPDATE - additional user prompt to enter the measured distance (in feet) between the reference speaker and delay speaker. This version will round all returned values to two decimal places, for convenience. If you require a more precise measurement, you can delete the rouding functions in the … Continue reading Acoustic Velocity with Temperature and AppleScript

Control QLab with Twitter

UPDATE 7/10/17 - Check out the contributed module from Sam Levey, with nodes to control QLab via OSC messages and a node to control node-red from QLab: This eliminates some steps from the method described below. ORIGINAL: Utilizing node-RED, QLab can respond to hash tags, text strings, etc via OSC messages and UDP packets. … Continue reading Control QLab with Twitter

Make a texting applet for QLab and QDisplay

Make a texting applet for QLab and QDisplay – Created to solve the problem of verbal communication between a mix engineer and wireless engineer during performances. Using AppleScript, QLab and QDisplay, create a non-verbal communication method to allow the A2 to warn the A1 of wireless mic dropouts, and the A1 to acknowledge receipt without getting … Continue reading Make a texting applet for QLab and QDisplay


Controlling Sonic Pi from QLab – Use Sonic Pi to generate pre-show music for your designs. Sonic Pi, created by Sam Aaron at Cambridge University, is a fantastic live-coding music synth utilizing Ruby script and the SuperCollider synth engine. Originally developed for the Raspberry Pi platform, it is also available, free, on Windows, Mac OS X and desktop Linux. … Continue reading Qlab->Terminal->SonicPi