PJLink Projector Control

Use AppleScript to control basic functions of PJ-Link enabled Panasonic projectors. Used extensively in Frost/Nixon for projector synchronization with audio elements via QLab (see Show Control Case Study below). All commands are run within QLab using AppleScript cues communicating with

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Stage Effects with QLab

I recently assisted Chris Walker with Holiday Inn at the 5th Avenue Theatre, where I set up a MIDI-controlled relay array for LED/solenoid valve effects in “Let’s Say It With Firecrackers”. As this was rented equipment from the Broadway production (Roundabout

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Updates on Github/Kreivalabs

Numerous updates have been made to the repositories at https://www.github.com/kreivalabs. Rather than continually update the printed code in the previous posts, please head over to the git repositories (and follow the page, if you like) to be notified of updates.

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Acoustic Velocity with Temperature and AppleScript

NOTE: visit https://www.github.com/kreivalabs for the current code version. UPDATE – additional user prompt to enter the measured distance (in feet) between the reference speaker and delay speaker. This version will round all returned values to two decimal places, for convenience.

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