“…the superb sound design by Brendan Patrick Hogan — a fine-tuned composition of talk, music, muffled rumbling and silence that speaks volumes.” – Misha Berson, Seattle Times

“Brendan Patrick Hogan’s sound design screeches exquisitely, and without it the story’s entire concept would be rediculous.” – Gemma Wilson, CityArts 

“…(sound) designer Brendan Patrick Hogan must have had a blast creating the audio for a futuristic avian apocalypse. And it’s the scariest, and most weirdly satisfying, aspect of the Strawberry Theatre Workshop production…” – Misha Berson, Seattle Times

“…Reed Nakayama’s atmospheric lighting and Brendan Patrick Hogan’s terrifying, non-stop sound design which obviously is centered around the bird attacks, are superbly well done and the chief highlights of this production…” – Michael Strangeways, Seattle Gay Scene

“But the greatest achievement belongs to director Paul Morgan Stetler and sound designer Brendan Patrick Hogan, who add a whole new level of comedy to the play…” – Brendan Kiley, The Stranger

“Brendan Hogan’s music and sound design stands on its own as a piece of art; I would PAY to own a copy of the soundtrack, it’s that good.” – Michael Strangeways, Seattle Gay Scene

“Standing out in this show is the live music and original compositions by Brendan Hogan. His performance of the entire score to the show as well as the creation of so many sound effects live adds the extra flare to the show that pushes it fully into the rabbit hole.” – Nigel Andrews, The Broadway Hour

“…the gorgeous sound design from Brendan Patrick Hogan only serve to accentuate (but never overpower) the beauty of the set, the play and the performances.” – Jay Irwin, Broadway World

“…sound designer Brendan Hogan’s soundtrack is so atmospheric and organic that it would probably fly off the shelves at Sonic Boom.” – Kevin Phinney, Seattle Weekly

“Brendan Hogan’s soundtrack-album sound design is good enough you could just close your eyes and listen.” – Michael van Baker, The SunBreak

“And then, there’s the music. Wow. Just… wow. A blend of some of the best pop and electronica combined with orginal scoring from sound designer Brendan Patrick Hogan.” – Mary M., Seattle Scenester

“The design team deftly reinforces the narrative flexibility, anchoring the play in a minimalist but evocative atmosphere…Brendan Patrick Hogan’s sound design mingles brooding synthesizer and ritualistic chimes (used as part of the set).” – Thomas May, Crosscut

“…a superb sound design by Brendan Patrick Hogan that uses ambient city noises, the rumble of the subway and some very chilling music to ratchet up the tension while maintaining a sense of urban reality amidst the unrealistic nature of a political thriller. I’m always very happy when theaters and productions realize that sound design is one of the most vital elements in a show and one that is frequently short changed…” – Michael Strangeways, Seattle Gay Scene

“Overlaying the action, Brendan Patrick Hogan’s industrial-driven sound design of thundering trains, fierce oil field explosions, and bass notes played erratically on a piano intrudes on the action when it should, then backs off gracefully to let the actors carry the drama.” – Katherine Luck, Crosscut