Make a Texting Applet for QLab and QDisplay

UPDATE – See project repository at for up to date code.

ORIGINAL – Created to solve the problem of verbal communication between a mix engineer and wireless engineer during performances. Using AppleScript, QLab and QDisplay, create a non-verbal communication method to allow the A2 to warn the A1 of wireless mic dropouts, and the A1 to acknowledge receipt without getting on the com.

This method utilizes QDisplay from Figure53, a companion application to QLab, AppleScript, and Remote Apple Events (System Preferences>Sharing). Ensure QDisplay is installed on the both machines, then enable Apple Remote Events (again, on both machines). On the sending side, paste the following into AppleScript Editor and save it as a script. Placing it in ~/Library/Scripts will put it in the menu bar if “Show Script menu in menu bar” is selected in Script Editor>Preferences.

Note: you will need the administrative user name and password for the receiving machine, as well as its IP address. Use static addressing for show networks.

Create another Script cue on the target machine that clears the message window:

If using a MIDI-enabled console, set this “clear” script to fire via a MIDI message and map that message to a user defined key on the desk. Otherwise, use a hotkey trigger. Next, create a third script cue on the target machine which continues from the “clear” script cue, and contains the following:

Lastly, create a duplicate “clear window” script on the A2 side, to purge the QDisplay window after the “received” message is printed.

Source available at