PJLink Projector Control

Use AppleScript to control basic functions of PJ-Link enabled Panasonic projectors. Used extensively in Frost/Nixon for projector synchronization with audio elements via QLab (see Show Control Case Study below). All commands are run within QLab using AppleScript cues communicating with

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Updates on Github/Kreivalabs

Numerous updates have been made to the repositories at https://www.github.com/kreivalabs. Rather than continually update the printed code in the previous posts, please head over to the git repositories (and follow the page, if you like) to be notified of updates.

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Further Adventures with Twitter, node-red and Sonic Pi

Building upon the methods explored here, I’ve been experimenting with using node-red’s Twitter node to interface directly with ruby files in Sonic Pi by means of shell scripting. By creating multiple instances of the Twitter nodes in a single flow,

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Installation video wall control with QLab

Using QLab 3, Left Coast Mac programmed a continuous video wall controller for Axon’s Seattle office lobby. Using event automation via AppleScript and OSC controls to control the startup, running, and shutdown of the video wall on a daily basis,

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Control QLab with Twitter

UPDATE 7/10/17 – Check out the contributed module from Sam Levey, with nodes to control QLab via OSC messages and a node to control node-red from QLab: https://www.npmjs.com/package/node-red-contrib-qlab This eliminates some steps from the method described below. ORIGINAL: Utilizing node-RED,

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Make a texting applet for QLab and QDisplay

Make a texting applet for QLab and QDisplay – Created to solve the problem of verbal communication between a mix engineer and wireless engineer during performances. Using AppleScript, QLab and QDisplay, create a non-verbal communication method to allow the A2 to

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Controlling Sonic Pi from QLab – Use Sonic Pi to generate pre-show music for your designs. Sonic Pi, created by Sam Aaron at Cambridge University, is a fantastic live-coding music synth utilizing Ruby script and the SuperCollider synth engine. Originally developed for the Raspberry

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