Audio Engineering Tools with Python

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Acoustic Velocity and Loudspeaker Delay with Temperature and Python

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Use the following scripts to calculate acoustic velocity in air based on measured temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. You can also input a measured distance from one loudspeaker to another to calculate the approximate delay in milliseconds, based on the acoustic velocity calculation.

The third example script requires Future additions from

Save the text below as a .py file to run in the Terminal of your choice

Python 2:

Python 3:

Python 3 with Future:

Samples and Time Converter with Python

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The following will calculate elapsed time in milliseconds and seconds for a given sample rate and time (entered in seconds). It will also calculate the number of individual samples elapsed based on sample rate and time (seconds). This Python script utilizes the Future functions available for free at

Speaker Coverage Measurements with Python

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Calculate the coverage pattern area of a point-source loudspeaker based on its dispersion angle and the measured distance from source to listener (or some other point).

This method uses Future functionality from