Creative Design & Engineering

Kreiva Laboratories supports research, design and engineering of sound and media systems, computer music, video design, performance control networks, audio production, and custom software solutions.

Collaborations and commissions with a diverse array of internationally known artists, companies and organizations include 5th Avenue Theater, ACT Theater, Seattle Repertory Theater, Arizona Repertory Theater, Gary Hill, Fernanda D’Agostino, Robert Campbell, Cornish College of the Arts, Axon Technologies and Amnesty International.

We have produced original music, sound, video, media and control system designs for stage, dance, installation art and film. Clients include Seattle Repertory Theater, Arizona Theatre Company, ACT Theatre, Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, George Street Playhouse, 5th Avenue Theatre, Baltimore Center Stage, The Three Yells, Washington Ensemble Theatre, Center Theatre Group and Strawberry Theatre Workshop.